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Confessions of a Would-Be Folkie (and kd lang fan)

Before I started going out with TractorGirl, I was never particularly into folk music. Classical or 1960s cheese was more my scene. However, over the last few months, I’ve got quite into folk.

It started with a quiet evening spent in TractorGirl’s flat watching a DVD of a Ralph McTell concert. Next thing I know I’m being dragged to a gig by Show of Hands at the Gala Theatre. The supporting act for the evening was Flossie Malavialle, a French singer who came to England in 2000 to improve her English and ended up in Darlington, like, on the English folk scene.  While I liked Show of Hands, I much preferred Flossie and ended up buying her Tour Collection. Ever since then, I’ve been quite a fan of ‘French Bint’, as Tractorgirl calls her.

A little while later and I made my first trip to the Sagein Gateshead to hear Martyn Joseph. Decided that he wasn’t so much my cup of tea, but it was still a fun evening. Most recently, I’ve seen Fairport Convention twice, once in Durham doing an ‘acoustic evening’ – which just meant they sat down(!) – and once at the Sage, supported by Flossie. I also heard Joan Armatrading at the Sage and learnt the limits of my synaesthesia – I passed out at one point as the combination of the volume of the music, lighting and the Media Player-style backdrop was too much. I sometimes get sensory overload when bombarded with too many stimuli but that’s the first time I’ve flaked out!

My favourite gig recently was in a little parish church with Maddy Prior and Nick Hennessy. He told stories and played such diverse instruments as the harp (which I’d never heard used as a solo instrument before and was really beautiful) and a suitcase! She sang some random songs about ravens. The nicest part of the evening was sitting next to TractorGirl with her just resting her head on my shoulder. It was lovely being so close, feeling her hair brush against my cheek, while listening to great music. One of those moments you don’t want to end…

Over the last few months I’ve also discovered the music (and drop-dead-gorgeous looks) of kd lang. My favourite song at the moment is ‘Constant Craving’, with which I  leave you:


A Little Light Relief

My last two posts have been quite heavy, so here’s a little light relief:

I went to see Joan Armatrading with TractorGirl at the Sage on Thursday. I enjoyed what I can remember of the concert, but she was going for the stadium effect and so there was a screen with Media Player-style visuals as well as very bright lights and especially loud music, so it all got a bit much for my synaesthesia and apparently I fainted! TractorGirl’s blog tells of how I mistook Joan Armatrading for Joan Armitage for Simon Armitage, a middle-aged male poet. I’m special!

Earlier in the day, I had been to the Baltic to pass a few hours. While there, I bumped into a friend from undergraduate days who was there on a works do, which was random but lovely. In terms of the art, on the ground floor there was a series of three videos by Jordan Baseman about a woman who likes nature and flowers and all that, a man talking about his life of crime and a gay man discussing his first sexual experience in the days when homosexuality was illegal in the UK. I found the latter very moving but didn’t really rate the other two. The rest of the art was bizarre; some bright flashy lights and texts from Iraq war files by Jenny Holzerand something completely random and unintelligible by Raqs Media Collective, which I think was meant to be about falling in love, but just seemed unfinished.


Gordon Brown has had an unfairly hard time in my opinion for calling Gillian Duffy a ‘bigoted woman’ when being driven away from a walkabout. I think her views on immigration and on Eastern Europeans were bigoted (where are they all coming from – Eastern Europe of course, silly old bat!) It has made me more inclined to support Brown; at least he said what he thought! After the hustings, I think my local Labour candidate is a good bet, so that settles the question 🙂


‘The Cellar Door’ is one of the multitude of Italian restaurants spread throughout the centre of Durham. My previous visits there have been somewhat of a let-down. The service was slow, they never had the wine I wanted and the food was ridiculously greasy. Well, things have changed! I went there with Stewpot yesterday for dinner and it was much better. The food was edible and I didn’t feel I was about to lose ten years off my life. Service was better as the man who always wears a shirt that is too small wasn’t there and the wine was ok. I would now recommend it.


Finally, life is a bit mad at the moment. I have two job interviews coming up in the next week that would see me doing something rather different to maths PhD work but would both be interesting in their own ways. Prayers for those (Thursday 6th and Tuesday 11th) would be appreciated 🙂 I am doing a science and theology talk on Thursday as well, it’s election day and at some point I have to write an essay on Mission-Shaped Church for my theology course. In addition to all the busy-ness of the next few days, I am absolutely sick of hearing stuff about homosexuality. These last two blog posts have opened a can of worms, and so if anyone talks about it to me, they are liable to get this kind of reaction: