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‘Tis good to be home

I am home from Greenbelt, and have spent a lovely sunny Durham evening in the library filling out a pre-employment check form! Said library closes soon so more information to follow tomorrow, sufficied to say that it is good to be home (even though Durham won’t be home much longer!) and able to have a shower and sleep in a warm bed.


Tomorrow, I am off to Greenbelt with TractorGirl and family. It’ll be hard to top last year, given that’s where TG and I got together, but I’m nevertheless really looking forward to it all. In other news, I move to MK in a week-and-a-half and start work a couple of days after. I’m excited, nervous and going to miss TG loads. Greenbelt is therefore a chance to enjoy her company and hang out with friends before real life kicks in again. Hopefully, the weather will be better than predicted!

See you all next week!