Here are some of my favourite websites for you to search:

Affirming Catholicism  – liberal catholic Anglicanism

BBC News  – BBC News home page

Bishop Alan’s Blog  – Blog of my area bishop

Brian McLaren  – Nice and friendly evangelical blog

Christians in Science   – Supporting scientifically-minded Chirstians

Faith and Theology  – one of my favourite theology blogs

Faraday Institute for Science and Faith  – academic look at science and faith issues

Fulcrum  – open evangelical Anglicanism

GCN  – Gay Christian Network

Inclusive Church  – liberal Christian website

Lancashire Lesbian Love  – xxx-rated but fun!

New Scientist  – up-to-date science news

Riazat Butt  – Guardian’s religion correspondent

Ship of Fools  – silly Christianity at its best

The Church of England  – Anglican home page

The Guardian  – my paper of choice

The Methodist Church  – Methodist home page

TractorGirl’s Blog  – my partner’s blog

WATCH  – Women and the Church – lobbying for women bishops in the Church of England

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