About Lancashire

God's own country. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

I come from Lancashire. It is a very pretty county as long as ones stays in the rural areas. The towns are not that nice, in my humble opinion. Lancashire was the powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution, with its thriving cotton textile industry. Some historians will try to point out that Yorkshire also contributed with manufacturing wool, but it’s best not to listen to them, or any others who try to persuade you of the role of other counties. Lancashire is where it was at; eeeee! Unfortunately, one of the consequences of this heritage is the tendacy of towns to consist of grotty little terraced houses spralling everywhere. It’s a shame really. It also rains a lot. Eeeee!

Mr Wesley spent a lot of time in Lancashire when he was on his travels. Preston used to have more pubs per square mile than anywhere else in the UK, and so was an important target for his message about alcohol. There are also a lot of Irish Catholic immigrints (possibly the highest percentage of such folks in the land) and the county’s feeling about clergy at the time of the Reformation differed notably from other points of the country, according to Diarmaid MacCulloch anyway. In other words, we have always been a bit special 🙂

My home town is Preston, in the west of the county. It has the largest bus station in the whole of Europe. Did you know that? I bet you didn’t! Well, you do now! It is home to the National Football Museum and Preston North End won the first ever league, having promised after that never to do it again. They have kept this promise faithfully. The first motorway was the Preston Bypass, so for any environmentalists out there, you now know where to blame! We used to have a family of ducks living on our estate,  but my mum is not sure what happened to them.

A bloke whose name escapes me, who built the first factories, was chased out of the town and fled to Nottingham. I think his name was Wainwright. Eeee! But not the walking man. In fact, this man was quite fat. Preston produced some famous footballers, about whom one can find out about in the Museum mentioned above. We have a tourist information centre, which amuses me greatly. I have never been in, but assume it is full of leaflets for the Museum, motorway enthusiasts and train timetables out of there! Actually, his name was Richard Arkwright. So definitely not the walking man. Eeeee!

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