Merry Christmas!

I’m spending Christmas loitering on the Essex/Suffolk border with TractorGirl and her family. The aforementioned TractorGirl landed in MK on Tuesday, and I’ve really enjoyed having someone to come home to after work. Yesterday, we travelled to the lands of chavs and turnips (nothing like crude stereotypes, is there? 😉 ), with a surprisingly smooth journey given all the recent weather issues.  We’re staying in a pub-come-hotel in Sudbury, which is pleasant enough, and have checked out the local Chinese takeaway, which was alright. This morning, we went to a quaint little parish church in Bures, and post Christmas dinner, am chilling on the sofa, next to TractorGirl, drinking Weston’s Organic cider. Good times 🙂 Oh yes, and the Queen was funny!

One thought on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I think I came out during the Queen’s speech – as a republican. Not sure how well that went down with the in-laws!

    Happy Christmas to you both. We found we loved the ‘coming home to someone’ thing on the rare occasions we were able to spend more than a weekend together before we got married.

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