Rubik’s Cubes (and other strange ambitions)

There is an article in this week’s New Scientist that says that some mathematicians, harnessing the power of Google and symmetries, have shown that any arrangement of a Rubik’s cube can be completed in twenty moves or under. Apparently, “God couldn’t do it faster”. I find this sickening as solving mine even the once has still eluded me!

Owning and finishing a Rubik’s Cube is one of the ten ambitions I have in life, of varying degrees of sensibleness (and in no particular order), some of which go back to childhood:

1) Have tea at the Ritz

2) Talk philosophy with the Speaking Clock over a glass of wine

3) Own and finish a Rubik’s Cube

4) Ride the London Eye and streak at the top of the circle

5) Get to the top of the Eiffel Tower without a nose bleed

6) Go paragliding without an instructor

7) Have tea on the terrace of the Houses of Parliament

8 ) Meet k.d. lang and give her a kiss

9) Have a book (either fiction or serious science) published

10) Own enough ties to have one for every day of the year

One of these is impossible. I have done two of them. Guess which…

6 thoughts on “Rubik’s Cubes (and other strange ambitions)

  1. I think you have already done #1 and #6.

    I was our school rubik’s cube champ – at my peak I could do it in about 30 seconds. I can’t remember how to do it now though, sadly (before you get too impressed I had a crib sheet).

  2. 1 min 30 secs is still exceptionally impressive from where I sit Jack!

    Going with a tea theme I’ll plump for #1 and #7; a great list as commented previously.

  3. Have you heard the news item about the bloke who has finished the cube whilst in freefall, and only then opened his parachute.

    I would be dead before completing one side!

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