One of God’s little jokes?

The benefits scenario reached its highly silly climax today. The Job Centre, having confused the information from the University, will not give me benefits because my name is not on a pass list, despite me having ceased to be a full-time student some time ago. This now leaves me in an interesting financial position…

On the good side, Tractorgirl seems finally to have grasped that I love her and that the precise language we use to make a formal commitment to each other matters far, far less than the commitment itself. This will make my life  easier! Also, my thesis has now been corrected and awaits the approval of the internal examiner, which means it should finally be finished soon, and I have an interview for a really good job down south tomorrow.

I leave you with a dose of Monty Python to keep you smiling 🙂


4 thoughts on “One of God’s little jokes?

  1. *sigh* benefits offices. I used to work in student finance and the times I spent unravelling various messes which were perfectly obvious… erguh…

    Does the interview mean that the job in Poole isn’t on now? Or are you looking at lots of options. Good luck in whatever you get to. (Ferijenland, I seem to remember you asking, is just outside the South Coastal City beginning with S)

  2. Thanks all 🙂

    I had a really good interview in Milton Keynes on Friday, so fingers crossed that they make me an offer.

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