Excitement and fear

I now have a job to go to in September which I have accepted. It’s down in Poole in lovely Dorset, with a software company with a frighteningly original name! There’s much about the job that’s exciting, and while I would not want to be a career programmer, it’ll open doors and give me the space and time to assess where my life is going. My biggest fears are to do with having to move around the country a lot (two weeks here, a year there, etc) and how this will impact my relationship with Tractorgirl, and what this means in terms of my hoping to pursue local preaching. I’ve had it drummed into me that this is a really good opportunity, and the more I think about it, getting out of academia and the North East (much as I love the latter) is probably a good thing, but I can’t deny I’m somewhat scared. Please pray that Tractorgirl gets sorted with something soon!!!

5 thoughts on “Excitement and fear

  1. Good luck and prayers you both find something which works out soon. It’s not at all far from ferijen land if you fancy a meet at any point…

  2. Love, prayers [and a bit of joyous shouting and leaping for you 🙂 ] as you do all you need to do, and that a sense of peace may be with you.

    And prayers for and love to Tractorgirl also.

  3. Beware companies with frighteningly original names. They are probably not as clever as they think they are.

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