A brief update on life…

I’ve had a mad three weeks or so and therefore just haven’t found the time to blog, so here’s an update on life at the moment:

I am now Dr TOH, as of 8th June. I have just minor corrections and thankfully not many of them, so the thesis should be all done soon. However, I doubt I’ll make July congregation because of the rest of life…

I have been up and down the country looking for work. Had a few interviews since I last wrote anything. One will take a fortnight to get back to me and I’m not convinced I want the job anyway. One would have been great but turned me down – since when has talking through in detail the planning of the final two chapters (representing a year’s work) of a PhD thesis been an insufficiently strong example of planning an activity? The interview I had in Manchester today seemed to go well and I’ll hear tomorrow. The company seemed great so I’d really like to progress to the next stage. All in all, with job applications, life has been hectic.

I had my first experience of the dismalness of benefit claiming this month. One now has to apply for Jobseeker’s Allowance and Housing Benefit by phone, and they want to know one’s entire life story. Then I had to go for an interview with Jo, an advisor who slavishly followed her computer system (which couldn’t cope with the concept of a graduate looking for graduate jobs) and talked to me as if I am a particularly stupid monkey with a particular reason to be stupid. She refused to listen to me and the system couldn’t cope with the types of jobs I’m applying for – management consultant wasn’t on the list, so such jobs can’t exist… I’ve promised to be a good girl and look on the Jobcentreplus (plus what, exactly?) website twice a week, which I intend to use to find the most bizarre jobs going and blog about. I have to go back Monday for my fortnightly humiliation. Prayer please – felt very down after the last time.

TractorGirl has been on a pioneer missioner adventure. Whatever comes of it, I hope it gives her the confidence to explore the Diaconate when the time comes. Can’t deny it hurts, though, watching her being encouraged when the Church of England gives one no room to pursue ministry with integrity.

We have had some sunshine at last, and I now have a tan of sorts. In other news, Prince Phillip is still alive. Oh yes, I may have solved my impending housing issue and last week I bought a new tie 🙂

6 thoughts on “A brief update on life…

  1. Loads of prayers ascending from Down Under. Job searching and assistance applications can be so tough; and made even, and unnecesssarily, tougher by unhelpful staff/computer systems. Though selfishly I look forward to hearing about bizarre jobs.

    But massive congratulations on your becoming a Doctor; much admiration and respect.

  2. Many congratulations, to get just minor corrections is a huge achievement!

    Major prayers about the Jobseekers Allowance stuff. HD was on that last year and the whole experience was thoroughly humiliating. I am now scared we’ll have to go back down that road soon, so masses of sympathy and prayers for that, it is thoroughly horrible. I found (as I was assessed too) that their default position was that all applicants are trying to fleece them, and they spoke to us accordingly. It felt like no incentive at all to actually tell them the truth. Given that between us we have 5 (soon hopefully to be 6) degrees (including 2 masters, and including 1 Oxbridge) (not me that!) our utter inability to figure out the system was just soul-destroying.

  3. hello! and a great big congratulations Dr TOH!
    …and stay encouraged – finish up that thesis!

    and I look forward to hearing about the unique jobs available…and yay for the new tie… and good luck with all things job-search-related : )

  4. Yeah, my little sister was somewhat irritated by the Jobcentre Plus website and she refused to go on Jobseekers. She’d heard horror stories about people being forced to apply for jobs that they knew they couldn’t do and she wasn’t too keen on putting too much power into her hands. She was pretty aggressive in her search for graduate jobs though, and no-one dared accuse her of being a sponger.

    The key is not giving up. It’s gotten harder, that’s true enough but patience does still pay off. Hope all goes well for you. 🙂

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